Jenny & Patrick

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Been playing with videos again – thought I’d share a short one of Jenny & Patrick’s wedding last summer. Don’t they look wonderful together?


Sooo Behind…

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I have been reminded this week that I have been neglecting this blog. “) Been a LOT going on, I promise to update & tell you all about it this weekend.

See Spot Run…

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Sanurra, Ambassador Cheetah

Got to spend an hour or so taking pictures of the animals at Wildlife Safari after the Lance’s party. Very few things I like better than camera time with a big kitty.  “)  Sanurra is a real beauty, and very calm with the crowds gathered around her enclosure.

Gibbon, Wildlife Safari

Flamingo, Wildlife Safari

Stone Family cont.

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Krystal & her Mom

More photos from the Stones & their family.

Family Photos at Wildlife Safari

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Greg, Krystal & Lance...Oh My!

Saturday saw a beautiful day with no rain (whoo-hoo, all of Krystal’s positive thoughts must have worked…) and lovely, soft light. Lance managed to let us spend almost an hour getting some beautiful photos around the Safari Village, and then we ended the shoot with a train ride. (Special thanks to John, the conductor, for stooping the train midway to let us get a photo. He was the BEST!) Afterwards, it was off to the party room for Lance’s 2nd birthday, with lots of cake, pudding parfaits & best of all – presents! (He got some really good ones, too.)

We got some family shots as well (more photos to come… gotta go teach class) and then it was off to the pumpkin patch with Camp Millenium. (I stuck around the village and got some pictures of Sanurra, the cheetah, but more on that later.)


Wildlife Wine – The Grape Stomp

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Destiny from Wildlife Safari called earlier this week – could I come out to the Grape Stomp and take a little video and some pictures. Hmmm, let me think. Wild animals… Great music.. Terrific food… a ROCKIN party. It was such a tough decision. 🙂 I always like shooting anything at the Safari, but tonight was particularly fun. I don’t which was more fun to watch, George dancing while he squished grapes between his toes (that’s one happy pachyderm!) or the crowd doing the conga around one of the musicians going to town on a small drum set in the middle of the dance floor. It was a great evening.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the evening, go to my flickr page –

After Dark – Portland

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I spent 4 days in Portland recently attending After Dark, a national photo education seminar. And when they say After Dark, they mean it! The earliest I went to bed was 1:30 & the latest was almost 4 am! It was a blast and I came home with a lot of new skills and some new friends. The AD experience is really unique, in that there are mentors who lead groups rather than teachers with a set plan. There was also a 4-1 ratio (!!) so there was a lot of access to nationally recognized photographers. (Where else would you get to hang out with Dave Junion & shoot a rocker chick with Ben Shirk and go on a spur of the moment 2 am Trash the Dress session with Kevin Jairaj? It’s like getting to hang out with rock stars…)